Friday, January 8, 2010

Cajun Kate's part deux

Is there a better way to pass the time before a flight then eating delicious food? I think not. Before I left for vacation, I checked in at the airport and then left and headed to Delco for my Cajun fix. Boy, was I glad I did. I have eaten at Cajun Kate's many times (I wrote about it before here), and I have always had outstanding food. This time was no exception. Don, the owner/chef is an awesome guy and LOVES his food. Which is exactly how I feel about his operation. Although it can sometimes be a bit frantic finding a place to sit (there are only about 8 stools) the people working there make you feel right at home, and they certainly make sure you get fed in a timely manner. My biggest problem is that I literally want to order everything on the menu. I started with the crawfish pie. I had never had it before, and I now know what I was missing. Flaky puff pastry dough, with tender chunks of crawfish inside, and a creole tomato glaze that I could eat with a spoon. Absolutely delicious.

A half of a catfish po'boy, with extra sandwich spread was next. The catfish was crispy on the outside, tender a flaky on the inside. I love these Po'boys SO MUCH. Add a healthy dose of the crystal hot sauce supplied on the counter and you are in sandwich heaven.

Last, but ceratinly not least, the star of the show. Deep fried Mac and Cheese wedges. These were filled with the weekly special fillings of tasso ham and crab meat. Also drizzled with that ridiculous delicious tomato glaze. That stuff should be mandatory on most anything that you eat. It's that good.

Until next time (which won't be long) I will leave you with an old creole saying "Faut pas marre tayau aven saucisse" which translates to "Don't tie up the hound with a string of sausages". Sounds about fitting for my life.

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