Thursday, January 28, 2010

In-N- Out


The day before I left for Salt Lake, I was thinking to myself how bummed I was that I was going so close In-N-Out, but out of range. The last time I was there, the nearest one was in St. George. Unless you are passing through, there is no reason to go to St. George. In a fog of self-pity, I went on their website, just to think about the many good times we have shared in the past. When I punched in Salt Lake City, however, an address popped up. I nearly jumped up with excitement. Luckily I didn't, because Federal Income Tax was about to start, and NO ONE is excited when that time rolls around and my cover would have been blown. So after realizing that the website is NOT compatible with the I-phone software, we embarked on a mission to find the Draper location of this mythical burger chain. All you need to know, is the sign is visible from I-15, and it's around 12300 South. You will see it's sign beckoning like a lighthouse in a monsoon of strip mall mediocrity.

The first thing you will notice, is that, like all In-N-Out's, it's always busy.

Both with customers, and with employees. I mean, seriously, how many people can you have back there at once?

The other thing you will notice, is that ALL of the employees are really, really nice. The over-worked order caller (I just made that title up) even helped me carry our trays to our table. That is one reason there will never be an In-N-Out in Philly (sigh). While you are waiting, you can indulge in some fresh brewed, unsweetened, iced tea. Which I love. Also there is some magical pink lemonade in an old school drink dispenser, that is also quite delicious. Arnold Palmer's all around.

On to the food. There is, of course, the "secret menu" which I don't understand, because it is on their website right under the regular menu. But I always partake. Once you call something "secret" I am all in. Pictured below is a double double "animal style". Double meat double cheese, and they hit the burger with some mustard (mustard grilled) before adding grilled onions pickles lettuce, tomato, and thousand island dressing. The burgers are awesome. Tasty, only slightly greasy, fresh, and delicious. However the difference between regular and "animal style" is not HUGE. But the fries, animal style, are a different beast altogether. Take those grilled onions, welfare cheese (processed yellow American) and smother them all in thousand island. And I mean smother. These things are sooo bad for you, but if you want to whine about calories, why did you even come? They are also sooo delicious. You might end up eating them with a fork, or if you are like me, scooping up all of the messy goodness with thousand island stained fingers. Totally worth it.

Regular fries, but why bother?

Double order of the "animal style" fries below. Heaven in a fry boat.

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