Wednesday, June 8, 2016

El Limon (take two)

446 Lancaster Ave.
Malvern, PA 19355
(484) 329-7969

I have written about El Limon before, but damn, it's still about the best Mexican food outside of the city, so I have been a frequent customer lately. Take, for example, the barbacoa nachos.

Rich, tender shredded beef, with a heaping portion of fresh tortilla chips. a sprinkle of pico, plenty of guacamole, and an artistic drizzle of sour cream. It's the perfect size, and perfect proportion. Funny how so many local places get it wrong.

The chicken tinga tacos are another killer choice. The stewed chicken has so much flavor, smokey, and deep tomato-ish umami.

Look at the tender shredded pollo. Perfectly juicy, and well presented.

The chorizo is good, but I prefer mine to be fried a bit harder. I like it to be well rendered and crispy. This is not that, but it has plenty of flavor, and again, I still order it so it's obviously above and beyond other places...

Not to mention, the burritos. These are what Chipotle wishes they could assemble with such care and love. Smothered and covered, they come with your choice of sauce. If you can only choose one, I recommend the chipotle. It's a crema that packs so much flavor, you will be dreaming of it later. But don't sleep on the mole. I have yet to be disappointed in it.

I know it's swimming in green sauce here, but I never turn down a good sauce.

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