Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Union Taco

712 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(267) 455-0445

I read somewhere (FB) that a new spot was opening at 7th and Girard and for their inaugural lunch, they were handing out free tacos. Now, this is a long way from my office in Center City, but when I read that, "Attendees get two tacos on the house," (thank you Michael Klein) AND that "Opening torta and taco options include Pork Carnitas with Pomegranate, Spinach and Barbeque Sauce; Sliced Kobe Beef with Figs and Housemade Tres Queso; Flash Fried Mahi-Mahi with Soy Ginger, Carrot Slaw and Cabbage; Grilled Seasonal Vegetables with Huitlacoche; Pork Cheeks with Pickled Tomatillo Salsa and Pork Jus; and Pulled Chicken with Chile Relish," I COULDN'T RESIST THE TREK.

UGH. So there I was. All the way up in no man's land, expecting to get two mouthwateringly described tacos from a joint whose logo is more like that of a tattoo parlor than an eatery. And so we entered.

There were a bunch of people there and when I got to the counter, they took my name, not my order. If you don't already recognize it, this is Tiffin's old pizza shop. I was a big fan of the Tiffin pizzas, but I guess they closed up shop. Now, if you know something I don't know about Tiffin, Etc. do share...

5 minutes later, my name was called and I got ONE taco. One chicken taco, which I guess had chile relish and some crema. Now, the reason you see two here is because I convinced a coworker to make the destination lunch trip with me - we both had high hopes.

Alas, we were thoroughly let down. Bland and slopped together with old iceberg and a random smattering of other chopped bits, it was not very memorable. Mind you, this was three weeks ago, but my notes remind me of the vividly disappointing memory well enough.

Maybe they've improved, maybe their food is better than it was on opening day, we all know how that goes, but the false advertising is what really let me down the most. The sweet painting was no consolation.

If you make a public claim, you'd better stand by your word. It is this failure to fulfill their announcement and their delivery of one (well two in this case) flavorless taco that leaves Union Tacos at the lowest end of my list of recommendations.

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Anonymous said...

Union Taco? More like Disorder Taco. The methadone clinic across the street has their shit together more than that dump.