Thursday, November 21, 2013

Harrisburg Road Trip | Chevy Cruze Diesel

So, when Chevy offered up a free Cruze diesel for a week, I couldn't say no. Turns out it was the very same car that Gizmo Guy over at took for a test weeks before.

Fueled with a sense of patriotism, I took the diesel on a road trip to this fine state's capital city.

If you've never been to Harrisburg, maybe you should take a Saturday to make the 1.75 hour trip. There's some amazing architecture and probably one of the best state capitol buildings in the country. (I welcome challengers.)

I will say it runs smoothly, has plenty of interior space and is great on gas mileage. Too bad gasoline prices took a recent dip and diesel holds steady at close to $4...

If you make it to the 'burg, check out the Atomic Warehouse for retro housewares & furniture and vintage clothing and vinyl. It's got three levels stocked with merchandise - I heard the second floor is wholly dedicated to lampshades and is accessible by request only, apparently the floor manager/owner is very peculiar about granting access, so you better look the part.

Lots of clocks and ashtrays too...

If you're in the mood for a cheap draught and college ball or some pool, head over to the G-Man downtown. The Gingerbread Man is a local establishment (there are 3 in the Central PA area: add Carlisle and State College) whose aesthetic takes you to a different time.

Like the 80s. With interesting decor, it reminds you that smoking is still allowed in restaurants outside of Philadelphia.

Look for a couple more Harrisburg destinations in the coming days - I've got your lunch and dinner covered.