Thursday, August 15, 2013

...On A Roll

11 S Orange St.
Media, PA 19063
(610) 892-7979

I love a good family owned business, so I was pretty excited to try On ARoll. . .  located just off the "main strip" in Media. This place features a quaint little storefront, and from what I had heard, some delicious food to boot.

There are a couple of stools inside if you want to belly up, as well as some indoor and outdoor tables.

After seeing the Italian hoagie tray, I decided to stick to sandwiches on a roll.

As their featured product is "On A Roll", I decided to try two sandwiches featuring the rolls. A caprese, and a chicken cutlet.

The chicken cutlet featured provolone, peppers, mushrooms, and marinara.

Unfortunately, the roll was a bit overwhelming, and the marinara was bland. The cutlet itself was pretty decent, but overall, it was not something I would order again.

The caprese was like eating a hamburger bun with some lettuce, tomato, pesto, and some bland mozzarella.

Again, it wasn't BAD it just wasn't done that well. Too much bread made for a very substantial, but not very fulfilling sandwich.

It actually looks pretty good in these pictures, but it was not executed like it could have been. It lacked flavor, and the roll was too much. It tells you the state of sandwiches in our city where this gets a big "meh" while somewhere like Pittsburgh, it would probably have 530 Yelp! reviews and five stars.


Matt M. said...

I live in Delco and have enjoyed reading your reviews about some of the places down here. I discovered the blog about a month ago and cheek back often. Thanks. I look forward to your posts and like the format a lot.

Formerly from Everyone's Hometown! said...

On a roll, at least in the days of my teen years in Media (circa 1993, when they were across the street), was best known for their chicken cheese steaks with that awesome garlic mayo they had. Their staff were good for a nick bag or two also, so maybe that's why the food always tasted so good.

A proper old-school greasy delight in Media is the cheese steak stromboli from Appollo's. GET ON IT.