Friday, August 9, 2013

Luke's Lobster

11 Water St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201 ‎
(917) 882-7516

I was in Brooklyn for work, a continuing trend these days, and I had a craving for lobster. And butter. So I had to check out the DUMBO branch of Luke's Lobster. They have one in Rittenhouse now as well, so I am going to say that they are probably nearly identical in output. With no factual basis for that bold assertion.

The view from the one in Brooklyn is slightly better. Okay, this is like 20 feet from the stand. Close enough.

The building is a small outpost, one half being a "sub" shop (ahem, hoagie) and the other half is Luke's.

It's not cheap. Mostly because it's a hot dog bun filled with lobster. Just "shell out" fifteen "clams", and this non-native regional delicacy can be imported to your stomach.

I first made my offering to the East River, then I began to dine.

I loved the tender claw meat, lightly tossed with mayo, lemon, and a shake of celery seed. The meat was perfectly cooked, the bread nicely buttered and toasted. This cool crustacean made for an appropriate rich man's hot dog.

A walk back downtown made for a great evening.

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