Friday, May 3, 2013


17 S 21st St.
Philadelphia 19103
(215) 972-8203

With a minor hangover on Thursday, I felt the need for the comfort of a cheesesteak.

I took my lunch break and headed to Tony's.

I've always heard pretty good things about their cheesesteaks and breakfast sandwiches, but I'm not often in this section of the city, and when I am, you can either find me at Shake Shack, Dolce Carini or Primo for lunch.

The advertised special sounded perfect – at under $7 for a mini cheesesteak, fries and a can of soda, there wasn't really any other option. Unless, of course, you want the Italian + chips for $4.99!

The inside is narrow and a bit dingy. It just looks like they care so much about the food that the other parts don't really matter, which is fine with me. I wasn't eating in, and never will, so it's just a minor observation.

The "mini" cheesesteak is about 6 inches of greatness. He asked if I wanted salt & pepper on it or on the side, so I said on. I also ordered a side of Whiz for fry dipping ($.95 well spent).

The meat was finely chopped, of great quality and peppery - this addition of the S&P was definitely notable and a good decision. The roll was perfectly chewy. American and fried onions added just the right amount of moisture, no ketchup needed here.

The fries could have used some of that S&P too, but the Whiz made up for that lack of seasoning.

This is probably the best cheesesteak in Center City. I'd actually send people here. I wonder if the cheesesteak hoagie has finely shredded lettuce pieces. If anyone knows, let me know - I want that to be my next order at Tony's.

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