Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dolce Carini

1929 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 567-8892

Two pizza reviews in a row? Yes. It's true. But this one is something that you are going to want to actively seek out in the Rittenhouse area. "New York Style" pizza. It was hard for me to even say that.

I have been hitting this spot for years, but have always forgotten to write about it. You may have walked by it dozens of times, as I originally did. Well, now's the time for you to stop in and get full of pizza. Also, the cheesesteaks aren't too shabby.

Each customer gets one FREE garlic knot while you wait. They are mighty tasty as well.

This is a pizza-by-the-slice type of place, and my favorite slice of all is the crushed tomato. They don't use sauce, but seasoned crushed tomatoes. It's the best, and still the reigning champ. Thin, crispy crust, topped with fresh tomatoes, flakes of garlic, and quality cheese. This is one of the best lunch deals in the area at about $2.50 a slice (no toppings). The sausage is another good one. Tiny crispy pieces of sausage flecked with fennel on a generous slice will run you $3.00. One of these slices is a healthy meal. But I digress.

Being the heavy hitter that I am, I also had to try the eggplant and the mushroom. The eggplant was thinly sliced, breaded and delicious. It also came with the same crushed tomatoes as the plain. This is the way to go. The eggplant was the second best of the day. The mushroom was good, but the best part about the pizza here is the seasoned crushed tomato sauce. The mushroom came with the regular sauce, not much of it, (see below) and while good, it just cannot stand up.

They have various lunch slice and drink specials, and apparently they serve soup, especially with a slice of "chesses".

This may not be the best pizza in the world, but it is one of the better slices in the city, especially in Center City. It's worth seeking out, but make sure you get the slices with crushed tomato.


22nd & Philly said...

I had their cheesesteak like 6 years when I first moved to Center City. It was terrible and have never been back.

I'll have to check out the pizza. Center City has a deficit of cheap pizza slice places. I'm a simpleton when it comes to pizza.

22nd & Philly

Dirty Duck said...

To anyone ordering delivery and wants the crushed tomato topping, order the "tomato pie with mozzarella".

We asked for crushed tomato and the lady was confused.

In any case good recommendation as usual phoodie. I've enjoyed this place for years, and never had this type of pizza before.