Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Custom Bagels

15 South Olive St.
Media PA, 19063
(610) 891-6761

Bagels are a point of contention in the Philadelphia area. There are lovers, haters, and a load of non-believers. I am no bagel purist, but I do enjoy a good boiled-n-baked breakfast bread.

Custom Bagels is located out in Media, and on a recent trip out that way, I decided that they were worth a shot.

The inside is set up like just about every generic bagel shop I have been in. I mean, its a bagel shop, after all.

I heard they baked their own bread too, and seeing a Boars Head logo, I felt a hoagie was in order with my standard whitefish bagel.

The Italian grinder was okay. I wouldn't get it again, but it was fine in a pinch. The bread was pretty good, but it's hard to compete with the seeded rolls most delis use.

The whitefish salad itself was okay, not mind blowing, but it served its purpose. The bagel itself, however, was delicious. Chewy, yeasty, and well coated with "everything" seasoning, I should have grabbed a half dozen for the road.

Asking for anything more than a delicious bagel and cream cheese from a bagel shop is a bit drastic. For that reason, I appoint a 3 cheesesteak ranking, and urge you to get some breakfast with a hole in it during your next sojourn to the 'burbs.

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