Friday, February 1, 2013

Burgers and Brew

1409 R Street/ Sacramento Airport
Sacramento, CA
(916) 442-0900‎

It's usually not fair to base your opinion of a restaurant on their airport outpost, but in this case, I was pleasantly surprised.

Burgers and Brew is a Sacramento tradition, as most everyone loves burgers and everyone loves beer. Taken together, they are truly a match made in heaven.

I decided on a classic jalapeno bacon cheeseburger. I did skip fries, however, because I was flying up to Portland next, and I had lots of eating to do there upon arrival.

The Niman Ranch appplewood smoked bacon was awesome, crispy, and satisfying. The combination of marinated jalapenos and fresh jalapeno mayo was perfect. The acidic tang from the marinated version paired perfectly with the hot bite of fresh peppers tempered with creamy mayo.

The patty itself came out nicely medium, and the toppings were quite fresh.

This was not your typical airport food. I was a big fan, and especially because I was able to grab it from a takeout counter instead of going through the whole sit-down experience.

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JayinPhiladelphia said...

So what did you eat in PDX? I lived there for the better part of the past decade before moving back here (for good, this time!) last March.

It would take months to list my favorites, but in some order (I've always been broke, so my choices tend to range from food carts to mid-level sit-down places) they would be Killer Burger, Little Big Burger, Korean Twist, Potato Champion for late night Belgian fries, about four dozen different taco trucks along Foster, 82nd, 122nd and down on into Gresham; Kenny & Zuke's, that Egyptian cart on SW 3rd I can't remember the name of, Gladstone Pizza, Lutz Tavern, Zach's Shack, Aybla (food cart) on Belmont, the carne asada at this little hole-in-the-wall panaderia / grocery / taqueria on Lombard in St. Johns, etc etc etc. Probably at least fourteen other places to name if I had more time.


Looking forward to hearing about it. I've gotta remember to stop back soon...