Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ted's Place

103 Spring Mill Avenue
Conshohocken, PA 19428
(610) 828-3966

Right by one of the more popular night life areas in Conshohocken sits a nondescript little restaurant that had all of the promise of a solid Mom-and-Pop style pizza and steak shop. And that promise came to fruition with my first bite of grinder.

The interior harkens back to steak and pizza shops of decades past, and the food provides the type of timeless comfort that will have me coming back for more.

I couldn't shy away from the hot Italian grinder, as my last one ended somewhat disappointingly.

While this was no gourmet sandwich, it was nicely toasted, came with a very satisfactory amount of veggies, and had a salty kick to boot.

The meat was thinly stacked, but still plentiful enough to really bring home the saline taste in each bite. The veggies added a welcome bite of refreshment as opposed to the sodium infused meat and cheese they laid upon. This is a solid, cheap grinder, the kind that should be eaten on the way home from Little League games, and as a weeknight treat.

I also had to try the famous cheesesteak, which I ordered with extra American. Though I usually like my cheese interspersed with my meat, the sheer quantity allowed for tucking it down into the light and crunchy roll, providing for cheese in nearly every bite.

The meat was well seasoned and finely chopped, with sweet, tender onions plentifully interspersed throughout. Not to mention, there was no lack of steak on this sandwich.

At about $7 each, this is quite a bargain, and if you are looking for a good base to fill up on before hitting the many bars in the area, you can't go wrong here. I hear the pizza is also quite delicious, but that is for another trip.

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