Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cut Above Deli

3523 West Chester Pike
Newtown Square, Pa 19073
(610) 353-4543

Newtown Square and the surrounding area have a lot of little unexplored territories that I will be trying to frequent in the future. Cut Above comes highly recommended, but since they don't have seating for lunch, I actually ate lunch at the bar next door. On my way back to the city, I casually grabbed a two foot hoagie to snack on.

They slice all of the meats and cheeses fresh and use Sarcone's rolls.

The prepared foods section was mighty tempting, maybe next trip.

There is a lot to be said for so much hoagie under $20.

The top was well seasoned, and the tomatoes were fresh and as ripe as can be expected in this region in January. I really love when deli meat is sliced paper thin, and they did not disappoint.

There was a solid amount of meat and cheese on this thing, which made it easy to eat, and quite delicious.

A good old Italian hoagie is one of the most complete food groups around. Meat, dairy, vegetables, grains, oil. This hoagie was no slouch. Will definitely be back for more...


playonplaya said...

love that place! the roast pork with broccoli raab and sharp provolone, and throw in a few bananna pepper shooters...great meal and only a short drive from Nova.

Sherm said...

I've been hearing about this place for years as one of the best hoagies in DC, even if it is out in the 'burbs. I've still never had one, but this post may have sealed the deal. Next time I'm in the area, it's on.

Unknown said...

The real superstar here is the roast pork. DiNic's, John's, Tony Luke's have nothing on A Cut Above Deli.