Monday, October 8, 2012

Falls Taproom

3749 Midvale Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19129
(215) 849-1222

On my way back from a Valley Forge bike ride, I tried to grab a beer at In Riva, but they were closed until 5. Side note - if I own a place, and the staff is all there, I have a great Thursday afternoon, and two customers want to sit on the porch and have a beer, we are never going to be closed. I understand that the employees need to prep between shifts, I have significant restaurant experience, but I also would never turn people away who are trying to give me money. So we pedaled up the block (thanks to Yelp!) and hit the Falls Taproom. I am glad we did.

The Falls Taproom has a pretty classy menu, full of tempting menu items. As I still had to ride another four miles home, I didn't want anything too heavy.

The smoked gouda triangles were not an option, but rather a necessity. I am slightly obsessed with gouda, and have never had it in deep fried form. This was hands-down the best fried cheese I have ever had. Smoky, gooey, and rich, the pale ale marinade and panko crumbs were the perfect complements to the indulgent cheese.

Served with a fresh, tangy marinara sauce, they were surprisingly not as heavy as you would imagine.

I also gave the Mediterranean plate a try. While it may not look like much, this was a delicious and fresh (and reasonably priced) appetizer that blew away the other version I recently tasted in Manayunk. Roasted peppers, hummus, olives, goat cheese, and some warm pita bread made for a fresh and light snack.

The hummus is made fresh in-house daily (as well it should be) and the roasted peppers were still steaming from their flame kiss moments earlier. This fresh preparation was precisely what I was in the mood for after the haul out to Valley Forge.

All in all, the Falls Taproom is a great spot for a casual snack and a beer or two. The service is good, the food is great, and the beer selection is perfect.


Banana Wonder said...

Oh wow, I need to get in on some of this fried cheese action (with beer of course).

Anonymous said...

The Falls Taproom is the most polarizing restaurant in Northwest Philly!

We've gone there quite a bit. My wife and a few of our friends are strict veggies and they have the menu that's most veggie-friendly up this way. They rave about their seitan wings as being amongst the best in the city.

I am an omnivore and their hamburgers are pretty fantastic, as well as the other food I have.

Also, they have an upstairs that's sort of like a speakeasy type place in terms of decor.

Food is not the problem there!

The service we've had when we've been there a few times has been horrible! The food took a really long time to come out. It was over 45 minutes for a hamburger and the rest of our meal. And the place was far from crowded. A long wait doesn't bug me at all. But the waiter/waitress didn't come to let us know ("Oh, our kitchen is backed up a bit") or didn't even freshen up our water.

I chalked it up to the restaurant being relatively new and the staff inexperienced but the same thing has happened a few times already.

It's really frustrating. We haven't gone back in a few months because of how bad the service was the last time.