Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trio Cold Cuts & Sandwich Pub

1248 Macdade Blvd
Woodlyn, PA 19094
(610) 833-9987

The Delaware County hoagie hunt continues. Trio is one of the "Big Three" off of MacDade Blvd, with the other two being Mike and Emma's, and a branch of LaSpada's.

When you walk in, you have to make a choice. Do you want a seat at the pub (and a can of beer), or a sandwich to-go?

For your convenience I have included a link to their new WEB_SITE above.

As with any good deli, the hoagies are freshly made to order, and care is taken to build the sandwich with love.

And gossip.

This hoagie is no joke. The thing weighed about three pounds. And within fifteen minutes there was plenty of oil to show for it.

As usual, they do the DelCo meat wrap ordinance, which is likely one of the most strictly enforced ordinances in the area.

I ordered the Trio special, which is described as a "blend of the best Italian Meats with Proscuitto." I added sweets, hots, and sharp provolone. Oh, and mayo, oil, and vinegar. The 12" regular size could easily make two meals, and the seeded roll holds up well to the bulk of the ingredients, and also to the moisture of the oil and vinegar. "But real Italian Hoagies don't have mayo on them." Really? Are they afraid of deliciousness? Notice the thin line of meat and cheese at the bottom topped with a large amount of fresh veggies? A DelCo hoagie eats like a meat salad.

As usual, this Delaware County spot did not disappoint. The prospect of grabbing a cold six pack with your hoagie is an added bonus. Another hoagie for the list, and another can't-go-wrong spot for lunch in South Eastern Pennsylvania's very own Bermuda triangle. Seriously, I get lost every time I drive down there.


Anonymous said...

heres a stupid question...is that really an ordinance in DelCo?

Philly Phoodie said...

Ha. No, but it sure seems that way. Still haven't found out WHY the sandwiches are all like that. Someday.