Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lennies Hoagies

6141 Ridge Ave
Philadelphia (Roxborough), PA 19128
(215) 487-1200

I will be the first person to complain about Manayunk not actually being Philly. The people who live there do not live in the same city as me. I'm not saying it's not nice there, quite the opposite, but it's more of a college bro-town than the cultural melting pot that is our fair city. All this aside, I have been meaning to try a couple of places up that way, now that Dalessandro's has gone downhill, and I heard great things about Lennies. For the record, I have also heard it called Lennies Home Plate, Lennies Original South Philly Hoagies, and seen it spelled Lenny's. I am 99% sure I have it right though. Also, thanks to a concerned reader for pointing out that Lennies is actually in Roxborough.

They have a GIANT menu at Lennies. Probably 70 kinds of sandwiches. They also offer them in major league and minor league sizes. I was told that the minor league was plenty, and I wasn't going to have a chance to eat the rest of a major, so I opted for the smaller.

There are literally extra menu items everywhere in this place.

They also sell sports memorabilia, sort of.

Here is a look into the kitchen, where the magic happens.

They had a pretty decent soda selection, with lemon up and Stewart's root beer.

They also sell this little gem.

When I got my sandwich, I realized I had made a huge mistake. My dining partner walked past the skill crane.

And plopped this down.

"What the hell is in there", I asked him. "A Major League", he replied, all too happy with himself.

How much did it cost? $11. Mine was $8.

Of course, my Godfather, Part One, was nothing to sneeze at. But how the hell am I supposed to be happy when I see that BEAST of a sandwich that I neglected to order. So anyway, my Godfather came with sharp provolone, genoa salami, dry cured capicola & soppressata. One of the best parts is the Carangi bakery rolls. Those things are some of my favorite hoagie rolls of all time. Mayo and oil, plenty of seasoning and heaping ingredients made for an Italian that was well above average.

My friend went with the chicken cordon blue and ranch fries (why do my friends always order the weirdest shit?).

I would skip the fries next time, and just go with a Major League Italian. He asked to be anonymous, whether it was because of his strange choices or the guilt associated with eating half of a hoagie the size of a baseball bat, I am not sure.

Overall, Lennies was a grand slam. Great bread, great meats, careful preparation, and giant hoagies. I often say I am going to be back at places soon, but I may or may not be currently on my way out the door for a giant Lennies sandwich as we speak.


Anonymous said...

this place is LEGIT... def go there. and the people who own it are cool. always a great sandwich. they are always trying new things on the menu. love this place. 1,000 times better then primos. primos is hot trash compared to this place. ONLY reason i miss the yunk.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Yeah OK kid. "Manayunk isn't really Philly...too many bros."

Have you gone out in Center City, Old City or NoLibs lately? The crowd in Manayunk is pretty similar except there's gangsta wannabes, no Jersey douchebags, and no hipsters. It's all townies who've lived here their whole lives and young people who are a lot more mature than the young people downtown.

Manayunk is Fishtown except instead of I95 and Art Institute hipsters we have the Schuylkill trail along the river and yuppies.

Fishtown has a better beer/food scene, but you can blame the Manayunk CDC for that one.

Unknown said...

Lenny's is great I agree with you there. Couldn't disagree more with you about anything you said about Manayunk and Roxborough. You know very little of the neighborhood and it's people. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods around, please get your facts straight if you want to be taken seriously as an reviewer or whatever you wish to call yourself. I could think of a few names...