Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ballpark Hot Dog: Harry the K's

Citizen's Bank Park
Left Field

Citizen's Bank Park is an amazing place to watch a ball game. The food is also decent, and the beer is expensive. About what you would expect. Now, don't come to the game thinking that the Schmitter that you eat there is anything like the real one. You would be better off making them at home. That being said, it is plenty good after a few cold domestics, and will help keep you from getting a bit too buzzed. But when I saw Hawk Krall's post on the Texas Tommy being served at Harry the K's, I knew it was worth a shot.

From where I was sitting in right field, Harry the K's was beckoning, and I made my move as soon as the game got depressing. You know, in the second inning or so. Well, actually I went during the stretch because it was 5-0 and I was about out of beer.

None of the other dogs seemed to excite me as much as the potential for one wrapped in bacon, topped with chili and American cheese sauce. Oh, and an order of cheese fries.

There will likely be a couple-of-minutes' wait between ordering and receiving. You can use this time to take in the view.

They also have a full bar, in case you are watching any of the 2012 season games.

Nothing says baseball like a 24oz Miller Lite, some fries and a hot dog.

I think that Aramark and myself differ on the term "bacon wrapped", but luckily there was still bacon in some fashion.

The Texas Tommy is served with a split dog, on half a hoagie roll, with a strip of bacon down the middle, pretty damn tasty (and salty) white American cheese sauce, and chili. If they put 1% of effort into this, it would be a solid dog. However, they slap it together, as can be expected (but shouldn't be) of Aramark employees. Using a fry to even things out helped - literally spreading the ingredients. And as a bonus you can dip the fries in the greasy chili run off after you eat it. It's not bad, actually for $6.50 at the park it's one of the better options. But just remember, this ain't Hot Diggity.

The fries were probably quite tasty when they were pulled out of the fryer an hour before I received them. They had potential (and $2 cheese sauce), but these shits were stale. $8? You must be joking.

I will definitely be back, and I will definitely be mixing bourbon and hot dogs when I do. But I would skip the fries, as they have likely been sitting longer than the opposing pitcher at the top of the inning.


John Ksionska said...

Gotta get the "Sampler" at Bull's BBQ pit... Pick 3 meats and a 16 oz beer is under $18 bucks. Ribs, pulled pork, roast beef, Bull dog (aka kielbasa). Best place and bang for buck at CBP.

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