Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The front of Home Depot
1601 S Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19148

When you roll up to Rocco's, you will smell it coming. The air outside is thick with fried sausage, large amounts of peppers and onions, and cheesesteaks grilling up on the flat top. I have passed by this place, smelling its deliciousness a number of times, before a friend told me about the hot sausage. After I heard, I was destined to find a reason to make it to Home Depot (I am a Lowe's guy). Finally, when I'd found a reason to go, it was Tuesday around lunch.

When you walk in, you are greeted by a sizzling grill and a sign letting you know what delicious items are available. Apparently they offer a variety of sandwiches with portabellas, but that would be for another trip (and for someone with less of a fat streak than myself).

When I saw the coils of sausage on the grill, my mind was made.

$8.50 later, I had about eighteen inches of hot sausage in an Amoroso's roll, with a bottle of water. (Un?)Fortunately, the slice they expertly sliced off of the mother link was an inch too short for the giant roll, so they cut another four inches off and slapped it into my sandwich. Oh snap.

We grabbed a spot at the picnic tables outside, and I unwrapped the meat torpedo in front of me. I had no doubt it was soon to sink my battleship. Filled with an extraordinary amount of onions and hot peppers, this was a spicy meatball.

This is what home improvement center eating should be – greasy, substantial, spicy and flavor-packed. This sandwich was freaking huge. Was it the best I have had? Certainly not. Will I eat there nearly every time I hit Home Depot (I may even switch from Lowe's to eat at this joint)? Absolutely.