Thursday, September 1, 2011


I was headed to pick up some pork belly I ordered for my next bacon project, and I wanted something light to off-set the fact that I was buying nearly six pounds of pork fat. My goal was a tofu banh mi at my favorite little joint on 8th and Christian, but alas, they were closed at one on a Thursday.

Not wanting to settle for a slice, I hoofed it down to Paesano's, and they magically had a caprese special. Tomato, fresh mozzarella, garlic mayo and basil pesto on a seeded roll. While not TOO light, it did the trick and left me feeling quite content, happy with my self control, and self conscious about the fact that people ten feet away could smell the garlic on me. I would definitely advise this one to a vegetarian, but I must admit, I was longingly looking at the pulled brisket falling out of the older ladies sandwich across from me, and wondering if she would be willing to let me eat any pieces that fell out. I mean, she was too skinny to finish it on her own, right? Luckily, I overcame my urge, quickly scarfed down my sandwich and was on my way to meat heaven.

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