Friday, July 15, 2011


1311 Sansom St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Opa is one of those places I had been meaning to get to, and when this opportunity arose, I knew it was time. This coming Monday, to celebrate their new lunch menu, they will be offering FREE lunch. That's right, your lunch will be free if you merely show up. Proof below. So go and try a Greek "toast" which is a variation of a grilled cheese/panini, and get it for FREE this Monday.

That being said, I was given an opportunity to sample the new lunch menu today, and as an eater of the people, I felt it was my duty to give the head's up.

The ham and cheese "toast"is a local take on a traditional Greek pressed sandwich with sweet Lancaster county ham, smooth and creamy Manouri cheese (like a smoother version of feta) and honey mustard dressing. This was a perfectly executed variation of the American classic. The bread was light, slightly sweet and perfectly pressed, an execution in simplicity. The fresh-cut oregano fries that came on the side were decidedly delicious. Salty, with some crunch, I couldn't get enough. The dried Greek oregano was pungent and earthy, a perfect match for the crispy sticks.

I also had to try the Bifteki, a feta-stuffed burger featuring local grass fed beef, and topped with a tomato, dill, and cucumber relish. I was thinking stuffed like this, but it was more stuffed like this. That aside, the burger was well seasoned, and very moist, but the real show stopper was the relish. Fresh, briny and crisp, it made the vegetables sing. I would have "relished" a bowl of that on the side. I didn't realize that the burger ALSO came with a choice of fries or salad, and I ordered them with the burger as well. Fat kid problems.

From the amazing staff to the funky decor, and the damn affordable lunch, I will definitely be back to try some of the other offerings, the gyro for starters. If you know what's good for your taste buds, you will make it here too. If not on Monday (because you hate delicious free food) then soon, because this is some spot on Greek food. I hear they make some mean cocktails as well.

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