Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guest Post: Wienermobile Food Truck

On a hot (dog) day in Philadelphia...

Today, the new-ish Wienermobile Food Truck made an appearance at Centre Square (15th & Market) as part of the original Wienermobile's 75th anniversary celebration. We're one of only 12 cities on their trail for the summer debut of their "Selects" line - all natural ingredients, including preservatives (nitrates) only sourced from celery juice. They're making a cross-country trip to promote the dogs, where Tyler Florence first introduced them to New Yorkers back in May.

But more importantly (and more relevantly) - chef, writer and artist extraordinaire, Hawk Krall, was there to serve up the free eats.

Each of 1,000 lucky contestants (or peoples bold enough to wait in the searing hot sun) were able to choose from a menu of 5 hot dog styles, created by Hawk Krall himself, including: Pennsylvania Pepper Hash Dog: Oscar Mayer hot dog split and grilled on a potato roll with German mustard, fresh diced onions (small dice, Hawk specifies), pickled green tomatoes from Reading Terminal Market, and pepper hash (shredded cabbage, green peppers, grated carrots, sugar, salt, and vinegar); Seattle Style Cream Cheese Dog: Oscar Mayer hot dog split and grilled with Coca-Cola onions (sliced white onions sauteed on the flat top and finished with Coca-Cola for carmelization), Whipped Philadelphia Cream Cheese, roasted long hots (an optional Philly twist but Hawk says, trust him and go for it!); Kosher Tommy: Oscar Mayer hot dog split and grilled, topped with grilled Oscar Mayer bologna and ooey-gooey cheese sauce; Perro Colombiano: Bacon-wrapped dog with pineapple salsa, crushed potato chips, avocado, pink sauce (basically Russian dressing), chimichurri mayo, and yellow mustard; AND FINALLY the Jersey Special: Grilled dog with Jersey hot relish (cabbage, carrots, spicy red pepper, mustard powder, turmeric, yellow mustard), and diced onions.

I mean, what's NOT to love?

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brian said...

damn you. i've been craving hot dogs all day because of this and i'm not having one for dinner. #whine