Wednesday, April 14, 2010

San Marzano Tomato Sauce

This sauce has been talked about a lot this year, and so I figured it was about time I got around to trying it. The secret ingredient is...butter. This is the easiest sauce you have never made. I guarantee it. Not to mention with barely any foresight, you will be able to make a quick, delicious sauce in no time flat. Just pick up a can of sweet San Marzano tomatoes next time you are at the store, and you will be able to whip this up anytime. This is assuming you have a yellow onion and a stick of butter in your kitchen stock, which I am assuming you do, as you are taking the time to read about food!

One can San Marzano Tomatoes. Get whole peeled tomatoes.
One half of a yellow onion, cut in half length-wise.
Five (yes five) tablespoons of butter.
That's it (seriously).

Empty the tomatoes into a pot, and throw in the onion half, and the butter. Let it simmer for about forty five minutes to an hour. When you stir occasionally, which you should be doing, use your spoon to smash the large pieces of tomato. It should be quite easy to accomplish this. In the mean time, cook your favorite pasta, grate some fresh parm, and in no time flat you will have a rich, complex, inexpensive pasta sauce that is just about perfect for a quick weeknight dinner.

Simply pull the onion half out when you are ready to serve, and toss with your pasta. It really is that easy. Not to mention, quite good. I wanted to give it a trial run in it's pure, simple, three ingredient form. Next time, I will probably add some fresh basil, oregano, and some red pepper flakes. The charm in this sauce comes from how much flavor you get from the most simple ingredients. Baked chicken cutlets, tortellinis and homemade garlic bread on Sarcone's seeded roll optional.

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