Friday, April 16, 2010


702-704 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia PA
215-922-KONG (5664)

Kong has a Thursday night special, where all of the dumplings are $.50. You have to order three at a time, but it is still one heck of a deal. $15 for 30 dumplings (if you order every variety offered, like me). You can't beat it. I finally got around to checking it out, and it was pretty good. Not mind blowing, but taking into account the price, it's a sweet deal. If I were to do it again which I probably will at some point, I would go straight for the pork three ways, the sweet potato, the duck confit, and the Mongolian lamb. The others were okay, but I would have to say these were the standouts. The pork had crispy pieces of Chinese bacon scattered on top, and were just delicious. The Mongolian lamb were served in a crispy wonton, and had a drizzle of hoison that complemented the lamb nicely. The sweet potato were so buttery and savory that they tasted like dessert dumplings. Which was okay in my book. And the duck dumplings were rich and fatty, just as I would expect. A nice treat was the Kong rice ale on draft, crafted by Great Divide. It was delicious with the "rustic Hong Kong style street food" served there. I also liked the sushi style paper order form, where you just check which items you want. Overall, I was pretty happy, and the dumpling special was a real treat. Pictures and the menu items in full below. Sorry about the low light, but it's an "intimate" space.


Edamame and Tofu
Spinach dumpling wrapper, pan fried

Curried Vegetable
cabbage, edamame, asparagus, shiitake

Three Way Pork
Chinese bacon, braised pork, ground pork

Sweet Potato, Bacon and Green Apple
maple-soy dipping sauce

Mongolian Lamb
pickled eggplant, toasted pine nut, fried

Beef, Potato and Cabbage
ground beef, grated potato, scallion

Shrimp and Pork Wonton
ginger and scallion

Chinese Duck Confit
with leeks and cabbage

Chicken and Shiitake
soy braised chicken and shiitakes

Philly Cheesesteak
Beef, caramelized onions, mascarpone

(curried vegetable)

(pork three ways)

(sweet potato)

(Mongolian lamb)

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wowwww pretty sure i wanna check this place out soon!