Friday, December 18, 2009


10th & Federal
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone:(215) 755-1121

I love middle eastern food, and Bitar's is just that, fresh, delicious ethnic food. One of the best parts, it is a block away from two of the worst cheesesteak places in the city that out of towners mysteriously line up for at all hours of the day. Yea, you know which ones I am talking about. So anyway, when I am around the Italian market, and I want something healthy(ish) I always go to Bitars. Plus, unlike every other place around it, they take cards ($10 minimum). And they have a small selection of specialty items, such as huge jars of tahini, fresh hummos (or hummus if you are American) and awesome pita bread. Plus you can find things like 300% harissa. I don't quite understand how all that can fit into a woefully inept can, as I am pretty sure it should be exploding out twice over.

Anyway, they actually make delicious falafel as well, as it is char-grilled instead of fried, and quite garlicy and crispy. But I usually opt for a grilled chicken wrap, or beef and lamb shawarma. You can get all of the options with different fillings, including dolmas INSIDE of the wrap. It's pretty awesome. One drawback, however, is size. They are perfectly reasonable for the average non-glutton, but I could easily put down two. A good option is getting a side of falafel or cucumber salad. If you are hankering for a gyro, this is a great alternative, and it's a bit easier on the figure. Oh and the pictures look like there is alot of lettuce but it's deceiving, the goodness is in there right behind it.

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