Saturday, November 28, 2009


2330 Aramingo Ave,
Philadelphia, PA (inside the Rock & Roll Exxon)

Phone: 215-739-3801

A cheesesteak, from a gas station. Not that I haven't indulged in gas station steaks before, but grilladelphia takes it to a new level. In the running for my favorite cheese steak in the city. I like my meat chopped well. I like alot of cheese. If I am paying $9 for a steak, expect a alot of food. Not some stringy meat, cheese wiz tourist crap. Keeping in mind that I didn't have to get the $9 cheesesteak at grilladelphia, when you post a one pound cheesesteak on your menu, I am going to have to try it. I like to eat.

Wow, it looks big, doesn't it? You have no idea.

That, my friends, is the cheese steak pouch. And that meat is "steam grilled". They use no cooking oil, which makes for a tender "healthier" steak. There is absolutely NOTHING healthy about this sandwich. The one pounder is a meal for two. And a delicious one at that. Meat chopped fine, onions grilled nicely, this specimen was of the hoagie variety, which meant a bottom layer of lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Hot peppers were dispersed throughout and gave it an awesome kick. The roll is baked in South Philly, and is soft inside, with a little crispiness on the outside. It holds up to the mess inside and really makes this an amazing sandwich. Oh wait, did I mention, it's inside a fully stocked gas station, which even has a flavor machine to mix and match soda flavors. It gets better. Grilladelphia is open 24/7. That's right. And you can take my word for it, they taste great at 3am as well!

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