Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fu-Wah Vietnamese Hoagies

810 S 47th St, Philadelphia

If you have never had a Vietnamese hoagie, you don't know what you are missing. Which actually isn't too bad because you don't understand the amazingness that is the Vietnamese hoagie. Now I love hoagies of any kind, but these little numbers are some of my favorites. The change-up from traditional Italian coldcuts (which I also love), is a welcome reprieve to a hoagie eating kind of guy (or girl).

The hoagie originated because the French occupied Vietnam, and introduced the baguette. The rest was history. Although there are many, many toppings, traditionally you can get shredded BBQ pork, chicken or tofu at just about every hoagie shop. Here in Philly we are blessed with many shops to chose from, and on a bike ride this afternoon, I happened to be in West Philly and so I wanted to check out Fu Wah, which I have been hearing rave reviews about. Their tofu hoagie is the star, and so that what I decided to devour (I WAS on a bike ride after all). Unlike most places, they marinate their tofu, which gives the sandwich some delicious flavor, which usually can be lacking with tofu. They also included the usual sliced carrots, pickled radish, jalapeno slices and cilantro. I was missing the mayonnaise/aioli spread most Vietnamese hoagies have. Also the roll was not the crispy crunchy french style baguette we are spoiled with down in South Philly, and Chinatown. Overall, a good stop if you are in West Philly and craving a fresh crunchy hoagie, but I would still prefer my other Vietnamese hoagie joints.

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