Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Honey Paw

78 Middle Street
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 774-8538

On a recent trip to Maine, I had some of the most innovative and delicious Asian style food I can remember. It made me long for a Honey Paw in Philly. Alas, I will have to head back up north to get my fix.

A small but bright and airy corner space. with loads of windows, it was inviting and though parked next door to the famous Eventide Oyster Company, the food here made it a destination on its own.

The scallion pancakes were first, deep fried to a perfectly airy, crunchy, light, salty miracle. These were hands down the best I have had, and I have eaten quite a few.

Look at the texture on these. I am drooling thinking about them.

In keeping with my carb-tastic snack course, I had some fry bread with Thai butter. My god. I don't remember having a better fry bread either. Again, the texture and airy pockets of dough were perfection. Sliced hot peppers and chives, with the rich butter just made this one for the books.

The kimchi. I mean, it's kimchi. It's always pretty good. Like pizza. But this kimchi was again, everything it should be. Spicy. Tart. Crunchy. I would have bought this in a five gallon jar if offered, and likely eaten it before getting back to the car. Can you die from eating 18.9271 liters of kimchi? I am certainly willing to try.

Next? Oh just an AGED BEEF CORN DOG. Did I mention I like sauces? Meat? Food on a stick? Fried meat on a stick covered in sauce? Be still my (slowing) heart.

The slight funk of the aged beef let you know it was there, unlike most corndogs where you taste breading and only breading.

If you are familiar with Dan Dan Noodles, do I have a dish for you. Look at the balance on this.

ALMOST too good to eat.

Bok choy, with ground pork, noodles, nuts, and scallions. Spicy, rich and satisfying.

Starting to slow down, but no where near the finish line, I moved on to the fried chicken sandwich. Can we also take a moment to admire the house made chips? They are sprinkled with some sort of heavenly dust (peanut dust?). Stuffed in this roll was napa kimchi, iceberg, mayonnaise, AND american cheese. I love the play on po'boys.

Perfectly fried, on a great slightly crusty roll, with more kimchi. Yes please.

I obviously had to sample the banh mi, right? Sporting chicken liver mousse, fish sauce caramel, cucumber, jalapeƱo, pickles, cilantro and served on another of these perfect rolls. Maine sure does know bread.

Last but hardly least. I had to sample the house made noodles. Here is the mushroom udon, with miso, bok choy, togarashi oil, and tempura crunch. The ability to control your crunch with the side of tempura was key. Otherwise you would be eating soggy tempura.

The smooth warming miso broth was packed with umami, and filled with earthy mushrooms. Soul soothing indeed.

The bar was also no slouch, and a couple of fancy cocktails never hurts to punctuate the meal.


Mod Betty / said...

Um, NOM! I'm ready to drive up there just for those scallion pancakes - talk about food porn! Thanks for sharing :-)

videotime said...

Lol at the Peanut Dust link.