Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Jimboy's Tacos

1420 29th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 452-6451

I was visiting friends recently in Sacramento, and was told there was a "down and dirty" local fast food fix I needed to try. They serve the "tacoburger," and these friends were absolutely correct.

First of all, this local chain is called Jimboy's Tacos. Swoon. It was love at first sight. Speaking of sights, check out the "scenic drive" sign marking the drive through. Delicious AND a sense of humor? How could this go wrong?

From their website listing of Tacoburger: "A unique Jimboy’s product.   A savory all-beef patty blanketed with melted American cheese, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, pickles & our special tacoburger sauce. Grilled in a corn tortilla and topped with our trademark parmesan cheese. Have it without the sauce for a full gluten-free meal!"

Not sure why the tacoburger sauce has all the gluten, but who cares! See below.

A fried corn tortilla with all the trimmings. This was way better than you would think. That tacoburger sauce does something magical to tie the whole thing together, so gluten-free warriors beware. Cheesy, mustardy (and apparently full of wheaty goodness), it tranformed this into a complete meal. The ingredients were put together correctly, and the sprinkle of parm somehow just worked. Not to mention the pickle slices. A perfect mashup.

Check out the patty tucked into its corn tortilla carapace. I am already craving another one of these. Well done, Jimboy.

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