Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Poe's Tavern

2210 Middle Street
Sullivan's Island, SC 29482
(843) 883-0083

Among the many places I love in Charleston, Poe's on Sullivan's Island is high on the list. A beer, cocktail, and burger bar it sits near the beach, and is completely filled with Edgar Allen Poe ephemera. He was stationed on the island and wrote "The Gold Bug" while there. So it makes sense there is a tavern dedicated to him.

The fireplace is particularly haunting.

I had already eaten lunch, and had dinner arrangements, but had to try the "Black Cat" burger anyway. Grilled onions, Edgar’s Drunken Chili, applewood bacon & pimiento cheese burger with a healthy serving of fries and some marinated bacon blue cheese slaw. I decided to go light and also get a side of roasted garlic blue cheese spread. I am making myself blush just writing this.

The burger was probably well seasoned (it was perfectly cooked), I wouldn't know because there was so much flavor in the chili topped with pimento cheese. It was a fantastic "fancy burger". Certainly not diet friendly, so we were fast friends.

Look at this thing. Unreal.

The slaw was a bit of a letdown, as it was lacking in flavor, and had no discernible notes of blue cheese nor bacon. It was fine, but not the over the top explosion of flavor I was hoping for. It looked pretty great though. Poe's is certainly a great place to visit on your way to or from Fort Moultrie. Though you may not be hungry for a while.

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