Friday, March 18, 2016

"In Search of Israeli Food" Film Screening Ticket Giveaway! WINNER – Elysia Lichtine!

WINNER – Elysia Lichtine! Thanks to everyone who participated!

The talented and well-known Philadelphia chef Michael Solomonov (Zahav and Dizengoff, to name my 2 favorites) has a movie coming out. Yes, you read it, a movie about food, about the "culinary revolution" in Israel that's been influencing menus all around the world. The film isn't out yet, but it's been screening all around the country in festivals since January and it's coming to Philadelphia SOON! The Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival is bringing it to the Gershman Y on Monday, March 28 and I'm here to give away 2 FREE TICKETS!

"In what is clearly a labor of love, Solomonov travels the length and breadth of Israel, meeting with an eclectic group of professional and amateur chefs, cheese makers, vintners, farmers, and fisherman, who draw on their own ethnic heritage as they add to the ever-growing lexicon of Israeli cuisine."

Read more about the film here and if you don't win the contest, purchase tickets here.

Who – one winner will get two tickets to the movie screening on Monday, March 28 (and this includes the post-film discussion and an opportunity to get books signed by Michael Solomonov).

How – leave a comment on this post letting us know your favorite Israeli food experience. Tell us about the best hummus you ever had or about the falafel from a food cart that blew your mind.

How to Win – all valid comments (no spam) will be given a number and the winner chosen at random.

When – Contest starts now (Friday) and closes Wednesday, March 23rd at noon.

Don't forget - if you comment anonymously, email me your contact info so I can get in touch if you are the lucky winner

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Eating falafel in the Jewish neighbor in Paris. Some of the best I ever tasted!

Nfiamingo said...

Zahav kitchen counter, check out my experience

Unknown said...

Zahav. The food is always excellent, and you could not ask for better quality.

asdfqwerty said...

I'm from LA but I currently live in Philly. There is a large Israeli community in Los Angeles so I grew up eating at shabbat with my best friend every Friday during middle school - Chicken Schnitzel was by far my favorite thing to eat as a child. As I got older, I progressed to love a nice chicken shawarma laffa.

In Philly, Zahav is great as is Abe Fisher for something a little more modern with a twist. But my favorite falafel is from FALAFEL MAN.

Unknown said...

I will always crave the falafel sandwiches I woudl get at Rami's lunch cart on Penn's campus. I have yet to find anything close to the quality of the food and Rami was always the nicest guy.