Monday, December 22, 2014

Cisco's Bar & Grille

1538 Bethlehem Pike
Flourtown, PA 19031
(215) 233-9981

Every once in a while you stumble upon something special, and given the amount of weird/sketchy places I venture for the sake of good food, it means the world when I find a place like Cisco's.

The interior is everything you could possibly want in an old school bar, with moose heads to boot.

The grill is located behind the bar, so you get to see the prep of anything you order while you drink your insanely cheap beer. Small glasses of domestics are $1.25.

The main claim to fame at Cisco's is the cheesesteak hoagie. It is a variation unlike most places, however, because instead of just adding some lettuce and tomato, they add salami!

The meat is quality, finely chopped and well seasoned. The cheese is melted throughout, and the fried onions are finely chopped, cooked to a deep golden color and sweet as can be. The other aspect that sets them apart is the hot hoagie spread available for your cheesesteak consumption. Briny, spicy, and colorful, it's one of my approved cheesesteak add-ons.

If you were wondering why there is only half a sandwich here, it's because I only ordered a small. The large is Philly Phoodie sized, but I was LITERALLY on my way to a vegan dinner party, so I decided I needed to eat something real before I got there.

Thick sliced provolone, thick sliced Genoa, fried and raw onions, tomato slices, and some dried oregano sprinkled on top to even it out. This place is incredible.

Flourtown is a bit out of the way of my usual routines, but my god this place is worth the trip.


Unknown said...

I don't know about you but that does not look like any Genoa Salami I have ever eaten.

It does look tasty though.

Tnriggin said...

Only you would stop for food on the way to a dinner party

hawk krall said...

DAMN that looks good.

Skybluepink said...

I loved Cisco's when I worked in Flourtown but your comment about vegan food not being real is just stupid. Non-animal food is wonderfully real ... delicious...and healthier too. A real Phoodie would know that.