Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Corner Foodery

1710 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 567-1500

It's about time the well known bottle shop broke into the real Center City market. I mean, what have the business men and women been doing for their lunchtime six packs to-go all these years?

This place is a collaboration between The Foodery (we all know what that is, right?) and The Corner restaurant (one of the few establishments not owned by Val and Marcie) on 13th. In case the name didn't already make that part obvious.

They have a long wall lined with the usual range of high-end, expensive bottle shop selections, as well as a rotating selection of draught beers on tap.

Their website is terrible.

The interior has got a really great vibe, it's dark but open, modern and classic, and really quite comfortable. There are a few seats at the 'deli' counter, in case you want to do a quick in-and-out. Their interior was the highlight of my experience.

They use Carangi rolls.

The to-go boxes look nice, but they're not at all suited for hoagies of any type. They should be wrapped tightly, swaddled and protected, like a baby. I do like a good bag of UTZ though.

I ordered the "Godfather," which boasted coppa, prosciutto, pepperoni and prov with LTO. A basic twist on an Italian, fine. I'll take it. Did I want oil or vinegar? Both, plus a little mayo, of course. I was not asked if I preferred seeded or unseeded, I mean, obviously a sesame-seed roll is mandatory here. Right?

Wrong. And sometimes red onions just don't cut it on an Italian. Especially this one. There was little-to-no meat for a $10 sandwich and the roll was so thick in comparison to the fillings. It was a jaw strainer for sure. It was some sort of heavy-handed sourdough roll.

Not to mention the mealy canal of dough where they overdid the vinegar. Meh. But hey, let's look at the bright side, I ate the whole thing anyway and the pickle was delicious!

Considering I'm never getting take out beer during the work day, I don't think The Corner Foodery will ever see my beautiful, hoagie inhaling face again.


Jay said...

If you ever do find yourself in there again for any reason, give the meatball sandwich a try. It was one of the best things I ate last year. Good balls, great sauce and a very nice creeping heat. It's probably best eaten right there, though.

As for their taps, I still swear I received my Victory something-or-other in one of those hard plastic, 12-ounce octagonal water glasses with the rigid edges. It was kinda weird.

Anonymous said...

We fixed the website. We now have an app for Android. I hope you are happy.