Monday, October 21, 2013

DiCostanza Sandwich

1930 Market Street
Marcus Hook, PA 19061
(610) 494-3616

The DelCo hoagie scene has a distinct set of rules they play by. Most of the places use softer rolls, some don't believe in tomatoes, some take an everything hoagie to mean throwing pickles on it, and some/lots use the top wrap meat method, also known as the ham curtain. In the tri-state area, you will hear a lot of boasts. New Jersey claims the chicken cheesesteak as their own, South Philly, the cheesesteak, although there is much debate. Some places claim to have the best pizza, best hoagies, best donuts, and best bagels. But few are so bold as to claim to be the originator of the hoagie. Although to be fair, they ACTUALLY are claiming to be the originator of Italian Sandwiches.

Now this isn't the original location, as they have somewhat  recently moved.

Memorabilia hangs on the walls.

A word of warning. If you see the guy below working, you are in good hands. I have had long time loyal customers tell me they ONLY eat his sandwiches. Given the ingredients, I am sure you are in good hands either way. But I lucked out and the sandwich magician was working.

Things are made assembly-line style, with the meat sliced fresh to order. The rolls are soft, but work PERFECTLY for what they are intended.

The small is giant, and a steal at about $8. Look at the beauty occurring below.

I went with sharp prov and homemade seasoned long hots.

I also tried one with regular provolone, and cherry peppers. The razor-thin deli meats were perfect, the chopped onions a nice contrast to usual stringy onions, and the cheese was in perfect proportion. There is also something to be said for the slightly softer rolls as opposed to the usual ultra-crusty rippin'-and-tearin' type bread. This is not a good save-for-later hoagie, especially if you get it fully loaded. But for an eat-immediately, it was perfection.

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