Monday, July 29, 2013

John's Grille

116 S Monroe St.
Media, PA 19063
(610) 565-8251

If you follow this site, which I am assuming you do (since you are currently reading this), you know that we really like greasy, blue collar, out-of-the-way type places. John's Grille is the type of watering hole where a twenty spot will get you drunk and get you fed. That's the kind of place I prefer to frequent.

The have a different domestic beer special every night, where $2 buys the daily offering. If you are feeling rich, you can pick a "non-special" domestic, and still pay no more than $3. Ah, the suburbs.

The food prices are unbelievably reasonable. For example, where else can you get a near perfect cheesesteak for $4.50?

They use a perfectly chewy, slightly crispy roll (Amoroso's). Nothing too special, just a really solid delivery vehicle for your meat and cheese package.

If you notice a dingy tint on these photos, it's because the view inside is like an Instagram filter called "seasoned".

The cheesesteak is really, really, good. It's got a generous amount of steak and cheese, is well seasoned, chopped finely, and a STEAL for under $5. This is one of my favorite cheesesteaks around. No hard seeded rolls, no dry aged meat, just a cheesesteak at its most basic, which is the reason they are so good. Good meat + plenty of cheese + a roll that holds it all together without being too tough = cheesesteak perfection.

The sweet fried onions carry the flavor of a 'decades-aged' grill, and are not to be missed.

The chicken cheesesteak is another favorite of mine. Add a side of buffalo and chunky blue cheese if you want to "gourmet" it up. It uses chipped chicken, which is specified on the menu, and again, a healthy dose of cheese and fried onions.

This is one of my favorite bars in the greater Philadelphia area, and you will often find me here watching the Phillies lose on a Thursday night. Which makes the $2 beers all the better, because I find my ability to drink cheap beer is exponentially increased when we are on a losing streak.

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