Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Domilise's Po Boy & Bar

5240 Annunciation St.
New Orleans, LA 70115‎
(504) 899-9126

Ding, ding, ding. The bout is over. The champion has risen from the ashes like a deep fried Phoenix, or dragon, I suppose, if you are into the "Of Fire and Ice" series. Domilise's is what I was told is THE place to go for a po'boy. My god, I would have eaten there my whole trip, if I would have realized just how incredible it was.

This place had it all, from the decor, to the atmosphere, to the beer, and of course, sandwiches. I took a long walk one day, casually strolling down Magazine Street and drinking a tall can of domestic beer, which is legal, truly enjoying myself. The only thing I had to do was eat at Domilise's, so it was an "all about me" day. Which, if you know me, you may just call "a day."

A Bud in its chilled chalice and a bag of Vodoo Zapp's were heaven on earth while I waited.

I went with a half and half shrimp and oyster. Unreal. The Leidenheimer roll was perfection, the hot sauce was slightly smoky and BBQ-esque, and the seafood was fried to a crispy & seasoned bliss. This was one of the top five sandwiches I have ever eaten, of any kind. It probably is in the top three. I can't remember something better. Non cheesesteak and hoagie, it is the best I've had. Definitively.

Salty pickles, cool shredded lettuce, a crunchy yet soft roll, and love make for a sandwich that would be suitable to be served in heaven. And I will change my wicked ways as soon as I find out the menu.

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Calamity said...

I'm ready to take a trip to New Orleans based solely on this review. One of the top 3 sandwiches of my life was also in Louisiana - in a place called Lake Charles. It was fried catfish (from a pond behind the shop) on a big soft white hamburger bun ish roll with just a smear of mayo and hot sauce. Droooool. That state is sandwich heaven.