Monday, April 1, 2013

The Hungry A

755 W Sproul Rd
Springfield, PA 19064
(610) 543-9720

Sometimes you want a no-frills breakfast in a comfortable, friendly environment and usually, along with that, you have a breakfast that beats the hell out of brunch, for a fraction of the cost. The Hungry A is the spot for a delicious breakfast that will soak up all of your indiscretions from the previous evening and get you back on track.

You order at the counter, and seat yourself under the striped awning, while your breakfast is cooked to order.

The kitchen area is run like a tight ship, with the younger workers learning to do things the right way. The hard way.

Bacon, egg, and cheese on a long roll with fried onions and hot peppers.

The (Amoroso's) rolls are slightly crunchy, with a soft toasted interior, and can really stand up to the beautifully greasy ingredients.

The "Big Muff" (English muffin with ham, mushroom, egg, and cheese) was another perfect wake-up. They are obviously not stingy with ingredients. The thinly sliced ham was delicious, and works for a "healthy," albeit salty, alternative to bacon.

Sliced paper thin and piled high, just the way I like it.

The husband and wife that run the place are beyond awesome. Bruce (right) will compliment your girlfriend, speak with a regular, and crack a joke in a matter of one minute. It's the kind of thing that takes the place to the next level.

See below for an artistic rendering of the long roll sandwich.

This is the kind of place I absolutely love. No bullshit, comforting breakfast food. And you won't have to wait two hours for some flavor-of-the-month, dingleberry-spiked pancake variation. The Hungry A gets it done.


Anonymous said...

Lou's in Norristown, pepper and egg sandwich, griddled sticky bun, ellis coffee… yum!!

R-EASY said...

The English muffin with ham, mushroom, egg, and cheese - AKA "The Big Muff" You didn't call it by it's real name