Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buick Discovery Tour

Do you like cars? Do you like dedicating time to charity? Do you like FOOD & WINE magazine? Do you like food and wine? How about Simply Ming? All of these things (besides Ming) can be yours!

No seriously, this Saturday and Sunday there is an event over in the Jerz with all of these things. I am going, and I have five spots (with a +1 each) to give away. For free. So read below, think about how many points you will get from your significant other (or friend you owe a favor to) and include a comment below about one of the best things you have seen made on a cooking show, whether you attempted it yourself or not. Contest closes tomorrow (10/5/11) at 3pm EST.

Buick has partnered with FOOD & WINE magazine to bring an exclusive culinary event to Philadelphia. Invited guests will have the opportunity to attend full cooking demonstrations and sample several dishes, while also getting a first-hand look at Buick’s 2012 line-up.

Guests will experience the following discovery sessions:
• Cooking Demonstration with FOOD & WINE Best New Chef 2010 Jonathan Sawyer, owner of Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio, the first certified green restaurant in the state
• Pastry Demonstration with Chef Ben Roche, Executive Pastry Chef of Moto in Chicago, Ill., and Co-Host of “Future Foods” on Discovery’s Planet Green Network
• Buick Test Drives, featuring the new Regal Turbo, Lacrosse and Enclave
• Wine Tasting with Michael Green
• Cooking Demonstration and Sampling with Celebrity Chef Ming Tsai, host and executive producer of “SIMPLY MING,” the Emmy nominated public television series

For every guest, Buick will make a donation to The FEED Foundation, in support of their efforts to create good products to help feed the world’s hungry, one bag at a time.

Saturday, October 8
• 11:00am – 2:00pm
• 2:30pm – 5:30pm
• 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Sunday, October 9
• 12:00pm – 3:00pm
• 3:30pm – 6:30pm

The Westin Mount Laurel
555 Fellowship Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054


Angela said...

Best thing I've seen made is Biscuit Fried chicken sandwiches! I have not made it year due to lack of a deep fryer. But, one day I will!!

Rob said...

Lady baltimore cake. Trying to convince my gf to make it!

Jones said...

Bastotte Maisonne! Take two pieces of of buttered Wonderbread and grill them with cheese (your choice) in the middle. AMAZING!!!! Haven't had the time to try it yet.

Chris S said...

The best thing I have ever seen made on a cooking show was when Emeril was on the food network at 7 every night. The episode he takes a whole bologna like you would see at a deli counter and roasted it. I think he covered it in homemade mustard. It came out looking awesome and I would love to try it but im not sure I can bring myself to ask the guy behind the deli counter for a whole lof of bologna.

Ellen Ival said...

Sandra Lee made an amazing semi-homemade pizza with Pilsbury refrigerated dough! I think she topped it with shredded rotisserie chicken (that she also didn't create), pre-shredded jack cheese and BBQ sauce. Talk about cutting corners! I loved it!

j_luv said...

I saw Rachel Ray make a Mexican lasagna once. It seems like a cop-out meal for a pill popping housewife to throw together. I don't think she actually eats the food the prepares. By the sound of her raspy voice, she's on a steady diet of unfiltered cigarettes, whiskey, and egg yellows.

Anonymous said...

Craziest/Best thing I saw made is some sort of pulled pork and pancake dish. Starts with a pancake, add horseradish sauce, a generous helping a pulled pork, bbq sauce and then top it off with cole slaw. I would make it, but I have a feeling it might kill me to eat it.

Tnriggin said...

Vic Vegas from Next Food Network Star made the la-changa. The name might be the best part!

Nancy Tran said...

Deep fried oreos. Deep fried anything for that matter. Damn I miss summer.

Evan said...

Typical to have this jawn on YOM KIPPUR.

I guess no lawyers or dentists will be in attendance!

Scuba said...

Paula's Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding and the Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake is a winner. Luckily I have a 5 burner convection oven!

Tingababoo said...

Paula Dean's Cornbread Stuffed Crown Roast of Pork! Corn Bread Stuffing surrounded by a delicious ring of pork rib ends (frenched). I'm hoping my adventurous little sis will try this one. I'll make her all the indian food she wants if she does it!

Angela said...

Chicken and Chickpea Tagine with Apricots and Harissa Sauce. I want to make it in a tangine pot which I am waiting to get. Dying to go to the buick event!

Philly Phoodie said...

If you want to come to the event, please send me your email address at PhillyPhoodie.com@gmail.com for an invite. It should be lots of fun!

BiggRigg said...

Deep fried desserts was one of the best shows/food I've ever seen/eaten.

You could deep fry a Buick and I'd eat it!

brian said...

Aida Mollenkamp made smoked paprika braised chicken thighs. I attempted at home and they came out oh so good!

C-Robb said...

The sloppy sloppy joe's, the bacon wrapped skrimp, and the Duff's beer punch from the tailgating show on Food Network is the shiz and really easy to make yourself.

Philly Phoodie said...

@Angela, @Rob, @Chris S,@Nancy Tran, @Tingababoo and @C-Robb please get me your email addresses at PhillyPhoodie.com@gmail.com for an invite. Thanks!

Eleni Simmoneau said...

Anyone who hasn't yet received the code to register for this weekend's culinary event, shoot an email to esimmoneau@tierneyagency.com and I will give you all the info! Thanks!

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