Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Honest Tom's REDUX

Aviator Park, across from the Franklin Institute
20th St and The Parkway

It's been over a year since I've visited Honest Tom's taco truck for some fresh lunch-time tacos, admittedly I've had the breakfast numbers a few times since then. Today's menu consisted of "pork, chicken, or sweet potato" tacos on your choice of corn or flour tortillas.

One of each, please! 3 for $8 makes for a filling and deliciously fresh meal on a warm summer day and though I experienced most of the same sentiments I wrote about here concerning Tom's fish tacos, I thought it made sense to follow with some words about his new (to me) variety of offerings.

Each taco is packed with the protein and smothered with a heap each of guacamole and pico de gallo with a sprinkle of shredded jack cheese. Needing a little kick, I was sure to take advantage of the Valentina and doused each taco with the glorious hot sauce.

I opted for corn tortillas on all 3, and looking back, I should have went flour on the chicken. Honestly, I'd skip the chicken. It was tender and juicy, but it was also bland. The pork was char-grilled and had great texture with a blackened flavor that contrasted nicely to the fresh lime in the guacamole.

And mmmmm, those sweet potatoes. Full of chunks that are heated up on the flat top, every once in a while you get a crispy bite of caramelized edge that adds a nice surprise to the soft-mashed interior. The flavors of all of these simple ingredients work so well together and make for a delectable *gasp* vegetarian taco.

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Anonymous said...

New York has the best food trucks in the world and the best food too.

Philly food trucks are a joke!
Tacos really!

Tacos are a L.A. Westcoast thing.