Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swiacki Meats

3623 Salmon Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134-5510
(215) 634-0820

Remember when I told you about the place in Port Richmond that has the best Polish meats and pierogies? Well, I am afraid their throne has been compromised. A couple blocks away stands Swiacki Meats, and they have won my increasingly hard working heart. There isn't a whole lot for me to say that the pictures don't say for themselves, besides . . . damn. They will (probably) offer you a sample, which you should take. I mean you are there for food right? I went before Easter and there was a long line. Totally worth it. Smoked kielbasa, spicy slim jims, chocolate babka – the whole deal. They were out of the flavored pierogies, so I will return for them at a more reasonable time. As in, not Good Friday.

Kielbasa is house smoked, and absolutely incredible.

They also offer unsmoked kielbasa and a variety of sausages. They average about $4.29 a lb.

AMAZING signage. I love being Polish some (all) times.

Twisted to order.

They have the meat case stocked.

Also, you can get horseradish, rolls, kraut, everything you need for a solid meal. This is probably the best kielbasa I have ever come across.

Cajun snack sticks below.

Amazing Tweetie Bird leather jacket reminded me I was in Port Richmond.

What's that? You want a classy Easter? How about a lamb shaped butter to round it out. I wanted to eat one of these melted over an entire babka. The babka is serious.

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Mary said...

this place is great! we actually sharpen all of their knives. (we own a meat processing machinery company). they have the best stuffed cabbage in the freezer case, too!