Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse

7500 State Road
Philadelphia, PA 19136-3402
(215) 331-3112

I mentioned this place almost a year ago, and finally got back around to that neighborhood known as Holmesburg to eat some barbeque. It had been way too long, but was totally worth the wait. Although there are some other geographically closer "pit barbeque" places, they pale in comparison to what very well may be my favorite "store bought" 'que in the city.

Located on State Road, in the damn near middle of nowhere, is the hickory smoked warehouse, that is Sweet Lucy's. Named after their Newfoundland (it's a large dog), this place serves up far superior meats than their closest Applebees'esque kitsch-fest competitor. Low and slow, with attention to detail, makes Sweet Lucy's one of my favorites.

I am more of a South Carolina style pork guy than Texas style, as I love some wet sauce on that hog, and this place just does it for me.

It's an order at the counter, no frills kind of spot, where you seat yourself, and help yourself to a smattering of pickled peppers, pickles, and pepper relish. They also have warm tomato based sauce, and vinegar sauce to which you can feel free to help yourself.

Big fan.

Ever the realist, I threw modesty to the wind and order the quadruple bypass, which consists of four meats, three sides and corn bread for seventeen bucks. Not too shabby. My cholesterol hates me.

I obviously went for the ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and pulled chicken. For the sides, I rolled with chili (I know, I am fat), coleslaw (served in a deceivingly shallow center tray), and macaroni and cheese. I am making myself sick just thinking about this.

The ribs are good, but nothing too crazy. My real favorites are the sliced and pulled meats. The pork is obviously delicious, but the pulled chicken is a real sleeper. I usually pass on chicken at BBQ places, but this was delicious. Well-picked, moist and flavorful, I would certainly not shy away from this bird in the future.

The brisket was also quite good, rich, flavor-packed and not too fatty.

The coleslaw is standard, creamy and slightly sweet, and a traditional stand-by. The chili is meaty, it comes packed with protein and a healthy smattering of cheddar shreds. Likewise, the mac and cheese is thick, creamy, and like the rest of the sides, just what you might expect from a Southern Grandmother cooking your favorite comfort foods.

The cornbread is also just what you would expect, slightly sweet, moist, and a bit of texture on top and studded (one of the most overused descriptions of food) with sweet corn kernels.

This is the place to go if you are looking for standard, delicious, pit barbecue in the Philly area. This is what Famous Dave's pretends to be. It's actually unfair to compare the two, like comparing the Nationals to the Phillies. Sad.


brian said...

reading this at lunchtime kills me. been wanting to go here for a while now but just never make it up that way.

Philly Phoodie said...

Yea it's better if you have some sort of reason for going up there. Pennypack is a pretty rad park pretty close.

SteakandPhils said...

That food looks amazing. I hear they have a pretty good buffet on Monday night's for around $20 and its BYOB. After reading your review I will definitely be checking that out.

Unknown said...

The brisket is amazing, as is the kielbasa.