Friday, November 19, 2010

The Golden Nugget

433 New Freedom Road,
Berlin, NJ 08009
(856) 753-1402


Okay, the sign says Country Music and chicken wings, our specialties. How can it not be good? That coupled with the fact that it's in the middle of nowhereville New Jersey, seems like a win-win. Oh, and it is. Although I went for the wings, I could certainly not pass up a high class appetizer, like pepperoni, cheese cubes and saltines, right? I knew I was in for a treat when I walked in, and this basket of comfort only solidified that feeling. The biggest surprise? How good the honey mustard was with it.

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, but the place is a hazy, nothing too fancy spot, so it kind of fits.

The bartenders are nice, attentive, and honest. I asked if there were any beer specials (on a Monday night), and he said, "well, our beer is already really cheap so there is no need for it." Touch̩. If you look closely, you will see that the wings are $5.50 for ten, all the time. Insane. In Philly you often end up paying up to $12 for eight "gourmet" wings, that are okay, but let's face it Рwhen I want wings, I want cheap, crispy and tasty. That's it. Nowhere in Philly proper meets my standards. PLEASE correct me if you think I am wrong. Anyway, this place is known for wings, and music, so let's talk wings, at least (live music only on the weekends).

An order of twenty sets you back $10.50. Wednesday and Thursday nights, it's all you can stomach for $7. I will be back for that, you can count on it. The wings came out quick, hot, and incredibly crispy. The flavor was well developed and I tasted both garlic and I believe chicken bouillon in the sauce. Seriously. There was a nice layer of heat, and the crispiness was just perfect. No lie, these may be my favorites ever.

The blue cheese is extra, but at these prices, who cares? It's also nicely chunky, and a perfect complement for the crispy, tender fried chicken masterpieces.

The butterflied shrimp were also delicious, and although nothing fancy, they were fried just right.

Oh and as if that all wasn't good enough, since it was Monday night, it was ONE DOLLAR all you can eat pizza. Seriously. The pizza was meh, but far be it from me to not eat my fill for a buck. They bring it around every fifteen minutes or so, and you can just pass whenever you want, and take a slice when you wish. Amazing. Couple all of this with incredibly cheap beer, and I have a place to which I wish I lived closer. That still won't keep me away, however, and I now have a new place to satisfy my awesome-wings-from-the-burbs cravings.