Thursday, July 23, 2009


119 Fayette St
Conshohocken, PA 19428-1817
(610) 397-0888

I was trying to find a place for my sisters birthday dinner, and although I had made reservations at 2 places in the city, she wanted me to come to Conshy. So I looked at yelp, and I remembered that I had wanted to try Black Fish. And am I glad I did. We were seated right away, and although we were the last table to be seated (8pm), we did not feel rushed in the least. I ordered the chef's tasting menu, where he picks one ingredient and highlights it throughout four courses. It was like being a judge on my own personal Iron Chef.

The secret ingredient is...tomato. First course was gazpacho, while I am not usually a fan, this soup was great. It was spicy with finely diced bell peppers in it. Poured table side. Second dish was grilled sardines with a roasted tomato and sauteed broccoli rabe I believe. It was good, and not too oily or weird on the fish. I could have used another tomato. Third course was a BLT. Pork belly, with a tomato sauce, and medium rare pork tenderloin. It was awesome. The crust on the tenderloin was amazing. Final course of that sampler was white tomato water ice, served with blueberries, and a balsamic reduction. It was very refreshing.

Being the big eater that I am, I also ordered an entree, plus I figured we could all share plates. I got the house specialty, the bouillabaisse. It was fantastic. I couldn't stop sopping up the broth, which had a rich amazing saffron flavor, that was so good, I swore there was veal stock in there. I actually ate 3 pieces of bread just putting the hurt on that dish. It had mussels, clams, a large whole shrimp, a scallop, mahi mahi and skate. Uh. So good.

Other diners at the table started with the Salmon wrapped quail egg, the salad, which was an artistic masterpiece, and the beef tartar. Everything was top notch. For main courses, they had surf and turf, which was an incredibly delicious short rib, with the thickest glaze of barbeque I have ever tasted. It was like tar, in a good way. The potatoes and scallops served with it were divine. The halibut was delicious, and the sea bream with curry sauce was also quite nice.

For dessert (besides my tomato water ice), they ordered homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream, which got mixed reviews because it was obviously made with tons of fresh mint, and some felt it was over whelming. I was a fan. And the creme brulee. It was some of the best I have had.

All in all, yes its a bit noisy, but its intimate. It is a great BYOB with great service, and even though we were the last party to leave, we did not feel rushed in the least. I will certainly be back. (Money permitting)

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