Friday, August 30, 2013

The Plumstead Inn

26 W State St.
Media, PA 19063
(610) 566-2212

If you know me, you know that I love a good dive bar. Cheap domestic drafts and crispy wings are what I crave from a local watering hole. Unfortunately, this is like a needle in a haystack in the city, where you generally have to pick one or the other. Enter the suburbs. The Plum is an anchor of Main Street in Media, where you will find a WIDE variety of people, ready to sit in silence and watch the game, or enter into a heated discussion on the topic of your (or their) choosing.

They always have a $2 draft special of the day (2 buck Chuck special), and the wings are just killer. They are simple. Just like they should be. And at $8 a dozen, not too hard on the wallet either.

The sauce is a simple Franks and butter mixture. You know, buffalo wing sauce. The pieces themselves are extremely crispy, moist inside, and come out the same way, every time. These are the way wings are supposed to be. Not brined in the tears of a widow from Buffalo for ten days and smothered in exotic spices – just great, simple wings.

They really do a fantastic job of rendering the fat to make the skin crispy as hell. These are among my current favorites.

Did I mention the cheesesteaks? How could I forget.

It turns out that downtown Media is flooded with choice cheesesteak spots. I mean, to get them this good at multiple establishments within a 3 block radius is almost unheard of. That's right, unheard of. (See: John's)

And at $6.50 a pop, I've got no complaints on the expense. Finely chopped, tender steak meat and caramelized fried onions lay on a generous bed of American. The rolls are perfectly soft, chewy and fresh. No gristle. Plenty of black pepper seasoning. These things are pretty close to perfect.

As if the wings weren't enough to fill my desire for poultry, I decided to try a chicken cheesesteak too.

Now, on top of that (literally), I still hadn't quenched my thirst for buffalo flavor, so I asked for a side of sauce and blue cheese to make my own DIY buffalo chicken cheesesteak.

I highly suggest you do the same. All of the things that were said of the Philly can be said of the chicken cheesesteak sandwich here. And I want to note that, buffalo toppers aside, the chopped chicken was anything but dry. Delicious.

Go sit outside, swill some 33's, and people-watch while your wings and cheesesteaks are cooked with love. It is one of my best finds of the summer.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you are hitting up all the righteous Media spots. Everyone's hometown used to be a dusty, nicotine-stained collection of dive bars serving only wings and cheese steaks. Glad to see some still vibe on Media's old school roots. Old State Tavern is another similar joint.

Anonymous said...

Im vibin there with you dog.

Anonymous said...

vibe on homey

Anonymous said...

I have to say there is one picture you have with the nasty-ass ashtray next to the wings. So gross. be more professional and quit smoking.

Philly Phoodie said...

That was someone's leftover dessert.