Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Original Bagel

2914 W Chester Pike
Broomall, PA 19008
(610) 353-9600

In the ever-expanding quest for the best bagels in the Philadelphia area, I was tipped off to The Original Bagel, located in Broomall. It is the type of place you would never think twice about, as it is a minimalist storefront in a nondescript strip mall.

They have bagels here. And along with cookies, and bialys, that is about it. Which is perfect.

The variety is all there, including half and half, jalapeno, french toast, and egg poppy.

They are also no slouch on the cream cheeses. I love the lox, and the garlic herb.

And just when you thought I was not going to talk about whitefish, they also have a DELICIOUS whitefish salad that is loaded with cracked pepper.

An everything bagel with whitefish and a slice of tomato makes for quite the breakfast. Smokey whitefish, a crispy, chewy bagel, and some crisp tomato also known as Jewish Wheaties.

The doughy center of the bagel is just perfect for holding in all of the soft whitefish salad, and the salty, poppy laden exterior gives you something to grip onto.

My personal favorite, however, is just any one of their bagels (untoasted!) with the cream cheese spread of your choice. About $2.50. Plenty of food, and packed with flavor.

I wish bagels weren't so bad for me so that I could wake up to this every day. Until then, I will just eat them once (or twice) a week.


Evan said...

Have I taught you nothing??!!? When making your whitefish salad sandwich:

A) put a littttttle bit of cream cheese down first (aka a primer), thennnnnn some whitefish

B) real jews eat them jawns OPEN FACED (the top can be either a nice juicy tomato or a slice of swiss cheese)


Unhappy Customer said...

As long as you don't mind a subpar microwaved breakfast sandwich or paying a $1.00 premium to use a card - you can try them. Lots of close places with fresh cooked sandwiches who don't rape you for an extra dollar in the profit margin close by however.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the fees to vendors associated with accepting credit card transactions on small purchases? A $1 premium is not that unheard of for a small business...I'm sure there's a Starbucks nearby that will gladly take your card for free. The sense of entitlement astounds me.