Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bedouin Tent

405 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 852-5555

I have been traveling to Brooklyn for work quite a bit, so it has given me a lot more to chose from than some of my recent assignments. This place was recommended by some friends that live up there, and I am always game for some pita and hummus.

This place is basically a Middle Eastern pizza parlor – with an amazing oven and a group of dough masters ready to move when an order comes in. I immediately knew it would be some pita bread to contend with.

The dining room in the rear was intricately decorated, and was the scene of a couple of dates that were awkward enough to have been hatched online.

The salad/dip sampler was right in my wheelhouse, so I started with that. A tasting menu of dips with bread, yes please. When the bread came out, it was literally hot out of the oven. Puffy, slightly charred, amazing.

It was easily among the best pita I have ever eaten. The salad was pretty standard, chopped lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, olives, and feta. The dips were amazing, however. Smoky baba ghanoush, creamy humus, and Lebna (Middle Eastern yogurt with fresh mint), made for the perfect accouterments for the hot and crispy bread.

The falafel was a bit disappointing. Again, the pita was fantastic, but the falafel balls themselves were heavy and lacked much flavor other than chickpea. I would definitely try the pizza next time, and will certainly be into anything to dip that magical pita.

I was given a complementary sweet bread with my bill. The service here was perfect, and the pita, the thing dreams are made of. Although the falafel wasn't the best, the rest was impeccable. I highly recommend it.

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JayinPhiladelphia said...

Though I'm sure the best falafel in NYC is almost certainly a no-name grill in a basement or strip mall somewhere in Queens, I'd suggest checking out Murray's and Taim, both not far from each other (and Brooklyn) in Lower Manhattan, if you get the chance. Two of my old favorites.

I'm starting a job up near Newark Airport in September, and I'll be back and forth between Philly and there, every week, for the next 21 years or so. The first chance I get, I'm hitting Murray's again, myself...