Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OXOX Burger @ Frog Burger

A guest post from local food artist Rick T.:

Riding by the Franklin Institute at 20th and The Parkway the other day, I decided to stop and get an early lunch from the new Frog Burger tent restaurant. Everybody I know that's eaten there said it was a "must try." I was the only person there, since it was just opening (noon on weekdays) - so the line moved really fast. After perusing the menu for a few seconds, I decided to try the "LoVE Burger" - a hamburger sandwiched between two grilled cheeses!

To start, the grilled cheeses were cut into circles like a bun and butter-browned to perfection with the word OX branded into them twice in a row. I have no idea why it says OXOX, I was pretty sure going into it that it was just plain beef. The amount of American cheese was more than enough and quite tasty.

Meat of the story: the young lady that took my order didn't ask how I would like the burger cooked but, nevertheless, it was a juicy medium - just the way I like it! On top of the burger was their "special sauce", a mayo-based slopfest, oozing out-the-sides. And to finish it off, they include tomato, red onion (yum!), and romaine lettuce. Not really sure about the "flame-grilled backyard flavor aspect", but it was pretty darn good!

To end, the LoVE Burger was kind of small and a bit pricey at $8.50 + tax (I wish they had meal deals). I guess you pay for what you get, though...the local-ground Esposito's 80/20 beef was delicious and the calorie-count was more than generous! Next time I'll try the garlic fries and a crab cake sandwich.