Sunday, September 19, 2010


775 S. Front St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 271-9300

Well, I have been meaning to post this, but it is just too saddening to think that other people might find out about Catahoula - because then I might have to wait for a seat. Nevertheless, I think it's time I throw caution to the wind. You should try Catahoula. I have (so far) only been for happy hour, as it's an incredible deal, but I will be having a full meal there soon.

The Cornmeal Fried Chicken is basically chicken finger slices, battered, tossed in sauce and covered with smears of blue cheese. They are delicious, spicy, crunchy and the cornmeal is perfect. The sauce is hot, but flavorful, and wonderfully addicting.

A perfect way to quench your thirst while working your way through the happy hour food specials is a pint of Abita. They had the Turbodog on draft and it went down smoothly, especially with the $3 happy hour price tag.

The Cajun theme is strong here, I mean the bar is named after a dog bred in Louisiana, and the hush puppies were delicious as well. One of the biggest problems, in general, with hush puppies is their overwhelming density. Not a problem here. The interior was light, airy, and tough to stop eating when dipped in the Sauce Creole, which is basically a spicy marinara. They are a good choice when you want some real bang for your buck, and at $3 for 4, well, you just can't beat it.

Finally the Catfish Bites. Although catfish tends to be abused by the average fry cook, this fish was cooked to perfection. The flesh was bursting with moisture, and the cornmeal crust stood up to the truffled tarter sauce, no matter how overzealous I was with each dunk. Amazing.

They also give you some addictive, lightly spiced homemade chips when you first sit down. A fresh bowl of crispy fried potatoes is always welcome in my book.

Even though the chicken was definitely the standout dish, all were enjoyable, especially with those happy hour price tags. I will update with more menu options in the near future.

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geemtriste said...

The oyster shooters are pretty delicious too!